This is not the world we grew up in! Some parents are at a loss on what, how much and how to help their children. Prepping them for a life with various careers…helping them through the stress of growing up in an ever changing and demanding world. It can be exhausting for caregivers. Parents want to help their children adapt, and soar to greatness and yet sometimes, you know that you are just not reaching them. So this is how I help with those transitional moments and provide them useful tools.

With children and teens:

  • I teach them to reconnect with the inner self, their wisest voice. The voice they know they should listen to, but choose not to.
  • I lead them to their precious dreams and help move them steadily forward, away from fear.
  • I teach them relaxation and focusing skills.
  • I help them believe in themselves (in their inherent capacities and capabilities).
  • I help make transitions easier, whether from school to school, childhood to maturity, house to house (divorce situations), old friends to new friends…

And, too, if these topics resonate with you Mom, contact me because I’d love to coach you. We can plan sessions around these themes.