Coach Dreammakers L.L.C. was created for the sole purpose of impacting and re-shaping the hearts and minds of children and young adults in all areas of life skills, social skills, mentorship, graduation, athletic training and positive decision making during the most important phases of their adolescent and early adult lives.


Coach Dreammakers L.L.C. is willing to partner with parents, school townships, universities, sports programs, celebrities, corporate America, and community leaders to impact and influence Indiana students and athletes to contribute to…

– A decline in the high school drop out rate

– A decline in teen pregnancies

– A decline in gang violence & senseless killings

– Promoting consistent academic excellence

– Assisting student athletes in making and reaching their academic and athletic goals

– Mentoring young entrepreneurs on the most effective business practices

– Educating and influencing young adults on why they must dress for success

-Promoting leadership and a ownership mindset

– Influencing parents and educators to work together as a cohesive team

– Bringing back adolescent respect for all adults