The Coach Dreammakers LLC was created for the sole purpose of empowering children and young adults all across Indianapolis (and America) through mentorship and athletic training. As adults, we all have experienced personal mistakes and setbacks during the different behavioral phases in our lives and if we could go back in time and change some of those mistakes, we would.

Coach Dreammakers LLC was designed to reach back into the next generations to help save the youth from making the same negative choices many adults have made during their adolescent phases.

Coach Dreammakers LLC  will allow all student participants to be influenced by the most respected educators, mentors, business owners, politicians, doctors, lawyers, coaches, high school and college basketball players, and professional athletes in America, which will empower them with the proper life and social skills to become successful adults.

Properly Respecting Adults

Life Skills

Social Skill


The Importance of Education

Goal Setting

Conflict Management

Athletic Training