Coach Dreammakers LLC 

We have been helping children and young adults find greater independence, gain emotional and behavioral control, and achieve positive outcomes. We also provide expert care for children and young adults who are dually diagnosed with a wide range of developmental disabilities and emotional disturbances.  We are determined to respond to the needs of each child on an individual basis and provide appropriate therapeutic care based on their specific needs. We are able to provide services for a wide array of needs including Autism, adjustment disorder, mood disorders, childhood disorders, and problems related to abuse and/or neglect.

With dedication, compassion and experience, Coach Dreammakers LLC helps individuals to successfully learn skills to last a lifetime when many other programs have been unsuccessful.Coaches help people set better personal goals and then reach those goals. They also can give good feedback on the positive and negative things that you’re doing within the plan. Coaches tend to be there when you need a helping hand or tools to accomplish your goals. The chemistry and energy that the combinations of the coach and children have can be a momentum builder. Coaches can provide better goals for the children to follow and reach to become successful in life. The skills that get taught by the coach the children will grasp the skills and use them to be successful. Coaching is an area where leadership can be developed with hard work and determination.