Coach Dreammaker’s vision and goal was developed based on a culmination of personal experiences, observation and working with children in urban and suburban environments. My career experience has included interacting and mentoring children within the Indiana Department of Child Services, Marion County Probation and Indianapolis Public Schools however; my personal background has also been extremely instrumental and further intrigued my passion and desire within this field.  For the past 15 years, I have been able to build a positive and lasting impact with the children I come into contact with and help provide a sense of normalcy for some during our time together. My experience includes assisting the Teacher of Record for children with Individualized Educational Plans (IEP), with a structured environment of sound guidance, behavioral and educational expectations that align with each child’s specific IEP.  I was responsible for helping to implement various positive reinforcements, appropriate discipline, when necessary and one on one attention as needed.  During this time, I observed some students responded eagerly and were more interactive during music, art, exercise and certain relaxation techniques.  It is more so evident as I looked back over my own life and upbringing and if it was not for my mentors, coaches, close friends and some family, that I would have fallen victim to the negative behaviors and influences.  My ultimate goal is to create a positive mentoring and thearapeutic program that will further assist children that have been impacted by some sort of trauma in their lives.